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Divorce is Not a Destination®: A.A.C.T. In Joy! ™

You’re divorced, on the brink of divorce, or seeking support following a breakup, and you need guidance on how to engage, ignite, and empower yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
This book is a gift, a guide, and a lifeline reeling you into the light and back onto your path to a place of empowerment. You are not damaged, defective, defeated, or done, because divorce is not a destination. Click below to learn more and preorder your copy today.


The Get Ready to Work Workbook ™

The Get Ready to Work Workbook™ is designed as a foundational and practical guide to prepare people for the interview process. It can be used alone or as a supplement to an existing program. Students from junior high school through college, individuals in pre and post-prison release or “second chance” programs, and others returning to the workforce.


What Went Well Journal

It is estimated that approximately 70% of our daily thoughts are negative. Consider the thoughts and emotions you devote to what has gone right in your life,as compared to what’s gone wrong.The What Went Well? Journal prompts you to recall, reflect, and reconnect with things that are going well, all the good stuff you experience that might otherwise slip by unnoticed. This book doesn’t erase bad and unpleasant experiences, they are a part of life. This What Went Well? Journal can help you avoid allowing bad and unpleasant experiences to take over your day, your week, or your life.

Meet Dr. Lisa Summerour

Breakup & Divorce Coach

Dr. Summerour is the CEO of Summa Our Creatives, Inc, formerly Summerour & Associates, Inc. As a consultant and leadership advisor, she continues to work closely with The Learner’s Group from a consultative capacity as COO and lead facilitator.

In 2023, Dr. Summerour was retained as a consultant and advisor to the CEO of The Whitaker Group (TWG), a premier corporate strategy, transaction advisory, and project development firm specializing in business in Africa. Her role involved advising the CEO, recruiting for key positions, coordinating logistics, and maintaining client engagement. She played an instrumental role in enhancing the CEO’s ability to work with government officials, international finance institutions, and US-based investment entities. Additionally, she identified strategies to streamline operations and improve employee engagement across multiple entities under TWG’s purview.

Executives from organizations including Farm Credit Virginia and Optimize/Heroic have benefited from Dr. Lisa's ability to help leaders tune into blindspots and enhance their strengths, allowing them to maximize their potential and that of their teams. Individuals have changed their perspectives and lives after working with Dr. Summerour.

Dr. Summerour successfully navigates the personal and professional coaching terrain because she recognizes that each individual is the common denominator. She believes that when you improve how you operate in one aspect of life, the other aspects of your life will be positively impacted.


"Her ability to help us each focus on personal areas of improvement and execute our goals individually was remarkable. Lisa is a proven leader; she is passionate about helping people be their best self and does so leading by example."

Kristen Kasparek, Assist. Director - Career Services, Loyola Univ. Chicago

Dr. Summerour has a doctorate degree in Leadership from Olivet Nazarene University, a Master’s degree in Christian Studies from Grand Canyon University, a Master’s degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, and a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Thomas Edison State University. She is a successful author, a certified assessor of the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS), a personal and professional coach, a certified IDI Administrator, and a certified Equitable Leader Assessment administrator.

Dr. Lisa Summerour is an accredited breakup & divorce coach. She has completed the Breakup & Divorce Practitioner Accreditation Programme through The International Divorce Coach Centre of Excellence. She is completing the Master Practitioner Programme, which provides specialized coaching for individuals transitioning from difficult or toxic relationships, including various forms of abuse.

She is an avid DIYer, and seamstress, and she loves to travel.

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