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Helping you recognize your divine uniqueness in this world.
Inviting you to dance like folks are watching and you’re OK with it!


Great athletes have coaches. Not to do for her, to support and challenge her so she can do her personal best!
 Dr. Lisa Summerour


You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.
Galileo Galilei


Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, and to sit down and listen.
Winston Churchill


The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results.
James Dean


It is an understatement to say that Dr. Lisa is having a wonderful life. Her interests are as eclectic as her skills are diverse. She has been a star pupil, star athlete and a star of stage and screen. Her appetite for learning is evident in the multiple degrees she has earned and her insatiable desire to research just about anything for the sheer joy of acquiring a more profound understanding. She is passionate about life and purposeful in her goal to help others identify their strengths so they can live vibrantly.

Her underlying belief is that you have everything you need within you to take the next step into your continued success. Her role is to assist you in embracing and living into that truth – professionally, personally and unapologetically.


I can’t tell you how much a single conversation with Lisa changed my perspective and reinvigorated my spirit! Having just completed my first manuscript I was discouraged to learn that the publishing process ahead of me was likely going to be more than a year and delay other areas of my professional career. Not only did Lisa provide me with a WEALTH of technical and professional information specific to publishing and writing, her sage advice and direct encouragement regarding my decision-making abilities doubled my self-confidence and trust in my professional abilities as well. It was invaluable! Further, after immediately taking to action her direction I contacted a publisher who is now interested in my work and will be meeting with me next week to discuss my manuscript! Thank you, Lisa, for helping me to “take that next step” in my professional journey! You are truly gifted at coaching!

Dr. Christine Bacon
Author, Motivational Speaker and Radio Host of Breakfast with Bacon, Business Owner

Dr. Summerour kindly addressed my senior class of 2015 with an ambitious, sincere and honest message that left everyone encouraged to do their best.  Lisa’s words and advice to the young people about the power of education and the doors of opportunity it will open for them was powerful.  She spoke to the students with conviction and compassion and could easily relate to what they would face in a few hours—adulthood!  The feedback from staff, students, and parents was exemplary.  They wanted more of Dr. Lisa Summerour.

Michael Harris
Former Principal, RUHS, Milw, WI

Lisa Summerour has a sensitivity that allows her to go right tot he heart of the conversation. When our sessions ended, she had helped me embrace perspectives that had been overlooked and turned ideas into action step.

Sonita L.
Director, Sound Designer, Music Director, Composer, Playwright, Educator


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